Pediculosis (Head Lice)

There seems to bean increase in the incidents of pediculosis. This problem can occur in anyHead Lice household. Head lice often prefer clean hair - cleanliness and head lice have nothing in common. We ask parents/guardians to be diligent in checking their child(ren)'s heads.

We cannot stress enough the necessity of making sure your child is clear of all nits. After treatment, children's heads must be thoroughly checked an all nits pulled form the hair. The nits can attach to hair and remain there until they are pulled free.

If you discover that your child has contracted head lice, it is important for you to go through your child's hair and pull any nits or live creatures. You child can return to school once you are sure that they are free and clear of head lice.

For further information, please contact the Simcoe County District Health Unit at 705-721-7730.