Celebrating Our Catholic Faith

Schools in our Board are unique because they provide learningexperiences to students that emphasize our Catholic beliefs and values.At our school, you can feel and witness our Catholic identity when youwalk through the doors or speak to our staff and students. Here are someof the ways that you with see our faith celebrated at St. Marguerited'Youville.
  • Prayers and scripture are taught and are integrated into school life and we frequently celebrate Mass as a community
  • We have a direct and meaningful connection with St. Mary's Church,  our school parish
  • We support our parish in getting our students prepared for their sacraments
  • We encourage social justice, respect for life and responsibility for all of God's creations through our classroom teachings and extra-curricular activities
  • Our Catholic beliefs and values are integrated into curriculum teachings. Regardless of whether it is science, English or religion class, the information we teach our students is infused with our Gospel values
  • Our school has an area we use as a chapel to provide students with a place to reflect and celebrate our faith.
  • Our faith is reflected through religious symbols that are visible throughout all of our schools