Snoezelen Room

The Snoezelen Room is a therapeutic and recreational room beneficial to people with sensory, cognitive and physical disabilities. It was developed to satisfy perceptual needs of people with severe learning, sensory and other disabilities.

The Snoezelen Room provides a fun, recreational and multi-sensory, environment for people with disabilities that provides stimulation and relaxation through the use of smell, touch, sound, colour, and light.

It is beneficial for cognitive, sensory and physical disabilities and promotes relaxation or stimulation. It involves a range of sensory stimuli and experiences to absorb, explore, and control in an accessible environment. Trust and relaxation are encouraged in the Snoezelen Room by providing the space, time and access to enjoy sensations. In a safe, comfortable environment, primary senses are stimulated by music, lighting effects and gentle vibrations. Positive effects extend to other settings and stimulation and interaction leads to improved communication. Everybody needs relaxation and enjoyment,including people with disabilities.

The range of sensory stimulations and experiences include:

  • Snuggling in the Huddle Cuddle cushion
  • Floating in the Leaf Chair
  • Dreaming to the music
  • Making wild sounds with the Noisy Wall cushion
  • Leaping and playing musical squares on the Hopscotch pad
  • Watching bubbles stream and rise in the Water Bubble tube
  • Diving into the Ball Pool
  • Gazing into the Fibre Optics Light spray