Posted on 04/18/2017

UNIT: Art-Science- Earth Day

"One man’s trash is another man’s treasure!" See Recycled Ideas

Recycled Objects to consider:

Styrofoam: egg cartons, packing peanuts; food containers; meat trays

Cardboard: food boxes, paper boxes, corrugated boxes, ice cream containers, drink trays

Plastics: soap containers, lotion bottles, shampoo bottles, laundry bottles & lids, plastic shopping Bags, soda 6-pack rings

Aluminum: soda cans, clean/used tin foil, food wrapper linings

Paper: shredded paper, envelopes, letters, junk mail,

Odds & Ends: CD’s, broken pieces of furniture, chipped plates/mugs, jewelry pieces

Wire: old coat hangars, twist ties from garbage bags

Nylon: clean, used panty hose

Metals: nuts & bolts, screws, soda tabs/lids

Fabric: old tablecloths, sheets, scrap fabric swatches, torn clothing, old curtains.

Recycled Project Ideas to consider:

  • Create a two-dimensional wall hanging using layers of cardboard/paper pieces…relief sculpture with a flat back and items glued on top to add depth/thickness

  • Create a wearable piece of jewelry made from unusual pieces of recycled materials

  • Create a three-dimensional sculpture of an animal, person, figure, insect, plane, train, etc.

  • Create a painting of a landscape on a surface made from Styrofoam or cardboard

  • Create an artwork out of soda cans by cutting them apart and using the metal pieces

  • Create a purse out of recycled Wal-Mart bags or anything!

  • Create a piece of functional furniture

  • Create a wearable piece of clothing or accessory

Evaluation Categories:

  • Overall neatness/craftsmanship... is your work clean and neatly presented?
  • Use of only recycled items (with the exception of adhesives to hold items together)...
  • You shouldn’t have made something "dirty" so it could be recycled!
  • Unique use of the materials... is your work an original idea? Was it a clever solution to the assignment?
  • Ability to make the deadline.
  • Difficulty of your selected project
  • If you worked with a partner, you will need to indicate which person worked on specific areas of the project.

What’s the difference?

Relief sculpture: a three-dimensional sculpture made by attaching objects onto a flat surface. It should hang on the wall and is viewed as a "flat" backed surface.

Sculpture in the "round": A three-dimensional sculpture that shows length, depth, width (3 dimensions) that can be viewed by others from all angles.

Functional Sculpture: any three-dimensional sculpture that can be used... it can "function" as a purse, bag, table, hat, etc.

Decorative Sculpture: any three-dimensional sculpture that is simply made for aesthetic qualities (seen only for its beauty, not to use it for a function).